Thursday, August 22, 2013

The little gifts for some friends

Pham Mai Linh - who hepled me so much when i was  her customer  (i got some problems about the health when i arrived Saigon 5 years ago). She is citizen of U.S now. The sketch is like a gift which i want to give to her.

Arc Vuong - a young architect  who had worked in Thanh Binh consulting with me for nearly 4 years.
Ha Tran - a girl whom i made friend from a environmental sustainability journey 3 months ago.

Arc Loc - a local friend. we had worked for consulting company for 2 years.

Pro. Robert Kirby whom i had opportunity to work for a project in Vietnam. He inspired me a lot for my works

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A gift for pretty girl

The first time i sketched in Chibi style, maybe Manga style (i'm not sure). So it's quiet interesting time for me to do that. And you know, i was a little confused when i started. So that i searched Google for getting info and find inspiration. In the end, i had a satisfying result.
This gift for girl whom i made friend 2 years ago. We were classmate in private English school.
Final sketch